Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top Sex Tips For Men

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1.Good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom, so before any date, have a bath. Everyone smells: some women like the smell of male sweat, others don’t, but no one likes the smell of stale sweat.

2. Teeth are as important as the groin and armpits. Don’t forget to brush them after your bath. When kissing a girl, or even sitting close to her, she won’t want to smell your bad breath or notice salad between your teeth any more than she’ll want to smell yesterday’s sweat.

3. Avoid a heavy meal . Oysters and asparagus are assumed to be aphrodisiacs, but this is only because of visual or olfactory associations.

4. Be careful with drink. More than two or three drinks and some women may be loving but physiologically limited.

5.Chlamydia in the male may be almost symptom-free.

6. Be careful with new partner.

7. Men fear judgment, whether by colleagues in the office, teammates in the changing room or, above all, by a new girlfriend.

8. Don’t rush into  and focus attention immediately on the genitalia. Take it slowly. Learn to massage.  Use plenty of lubrication.

9. Make certain that your partner knows how attractive you find her by paying as much attention to  her.

10.Most men occasionally have poor or tardy erections and even fit, athletic, overenthusiastic men, as well as the inexperienced and anxious, may suffer premature ejaculation.

11.There’s no substitute for excitement. The range of lubricants on the market can add slip and slide, but should never be used as a short cut.

12. Going straight to the erogenous zones is the equivalent of fast forward.

13. Thrusting for hours without climaxing doesn’t make you a stud muffin.  numb and sore.

17. Don’t assume your partner is comfortable in her own skin.

18. Be polite. Never nudge your partner’s head towards your nether regions.

19. Put a little X in your . Watching movies with your partner will increase the chance.

20. Remember to take your socks off.